Coming from Out of Town?

Planning Your Visit

The office is located at Elisky Krasnohorske 135 / 7, in part of Prague known as “Josefov”. If you are familiar with Prague, we are located just west of the Spanish Synagogue. Prague is a very safe, walkable city, and you should have no difficulty finding a hotel that is an easy 10-15 minute (or less) walk away.

If you are coming for a psychoeducational assessment, testing will be done over two days. You should plan to arrive on the afternoon of the day before the assessment begins so that you child is settled and has a good night’s sleep before we begin.

Most of our evaluations include a battery of tests that take two days to administer. Sometimes, testing goes more slowly than anticipated, or test results point to the need to add an additional measure or two that may require more time than we have available in two days (this will not increase the cost of the evaluation). If possible, try to make travel plans that allow you to return home later in the day after the second day of testing. Having a third morning in which we can do just an hour or two of additional testing can really make a difference. We don’t often need it, but when we do, it is really helpful to have the time available.

What to Expect During Testing

Plan to arrive at the office at or just before 9:30. When you get to Elisky Krasnohorske 135 / 7, buzz “Prague Psych,” and I’ll let you in. The office is on the third floor, and the door will be ajar so you can’t miss it.

The office is in an apartment in a historical, mixed residential and commercial building. Parents spend the day in the living room, which features comfortable furniture, fast wifi, and a desk. If you have work to do you will be able to get it down while you are here.

Each day begins with a short meeting in the kitchen or waiting room, and we might have a cup of tea or coffee together. After your child is comfortable and settled, we will begin testing in the testing room.

Testing normally continues until 3:00 or even as late as 4:00 or 4:30. Younger children tire earlier, so we try to finish for the day before they become too fatigued. Older children and adolescents can generally work a bit longer but we try not to overdo it on the first day.

Our goal is to get your chid’s best performance, so we’ll take frequent, short breaks. We have child-friendly snacks available (things like yoghurt, protein bars, pretzels, fruit juice), and you are welcome to bring things that you know your child will enjoy during a “snack break”. You are welcome to store things in the refrigerator if you need to. If you let me know about your child’s preferences, I’ll try to have some of their favorite snack items on hand.

You’ll have an hour for lunch at 12:30. There are many great restaurants in the area and we can discuss options during your visit. If your child has special dietary needs, you are welcome to prepare food for them in the office kitchen. Coffee and tea are available to you throughout the day.

Generally, I meet with parents just after finishing testing on the second day. We will then discuss test results and recommendations, and all of your questions should be answered by the end of this meeting. We will talk for 90 minutes or maybe even longer, depending upon your questions. We have materials for children to play with (e.g., colored pencils, modeling clay), but you might want to bring something that they will enjoy doing during our meeting (they will be able to relax in the living room or kitchen while we meet in the testing office).

You will receive a full written report detailing all findings are recommendations up to a month after your visit.

As long as you're in Prague....

As you know, Prague is a popular tourist destination, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Many families combine an assessment visit with a day or two spent exploring this gem of a city. Feel free to ask ahead of time for restaurant recommendations and family-friendly suggestions on what to see and do during your visit in Prague.

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